Revealing the professional skills of persons with disabilities

Abilympics France highlights the professional skills and talents of contestants with disabilities, for example by supporting and showcasing them for their participation in all types of professional skills competitions, whether they are local, national, international, in any sector, dedicated to persons with disabilities or not.


Opening the competitions to every professional trade


Hairdressers, engineers, web designers, photographers, industrial designers, woodworkers, florists… Employees, job seekers, trainees, artisans, apprentices…

Anyone who wishes to register and display their ability to work with energy and dedication can participate, on two conditions:

1/ Being legally recognized as a person with a disability

2/ Being passionate and willing to challenge oneself

Offering a complete and customized support

Every contestant benefits from a complete and customized support provided by skills experts, who are true professional coaches. Technical, physical and mental training, “mock competitions”, team motivation… These are the set of tools and steps which have been specifically designed and thought out to help contestants work towards success without hesitation.