International Abilympics Federation (IAF)

Since 2013, Abilympics France has been a member of the International Abilympics Federation’s executive committee.


To take part in the development and the structuring of the International Abilympics Federation (IAF),


To increase the participation of new countries in the International Abilympics movement,


To create a European Abilympics movement as well as a first competition on a European scale.

Its objectives are…

  • To allow Abilympics contestants from the entire world to compare their professional experiences, to improve their skills, to share, to exchange, and to increase their self-confidence in order to facilitate their integration into the employment market.

  • To create a desire for new countries to join the movement through the professionalization of the competition, to increase the number of participating countries, of contestants, of people in the audience…

As of today, International Abilympics competitions are organized every 4 years.

On March 25th and 26th, the 9th International Abilympics competition took place in Bordeaux, France. 465 contestants from 31 international delegations came to compete against one another in 49 very diverse skill categories. They confronted their professional skills with a common goal in mind: The Gold medal.