How to support us?

3 ways to support Abilympics France

Skills for persons with disabilities through the various actions carried out by Abilympics France

1/ The obligation to employ persons with disabilities (as part of the deductible 10% or via company agreements)

According to the law, in France:

If a company has 20 employees or more, at least 6% of its workforce must be persons with disabilities. To fulfill this obligation, companies can recruit, subcontract to the adapted and protected sectors, train interns with disabilities or conclude an industry-wide or an establishment agreement regarding the employment of persons with disabilities.

Making a financial contribution to the AGEFIPH is another way to be in compliance with the law.

In order to fund Abilympics France actions, 10% of that contribution may be donated to the association.


Words from our partners

Our partners
They work with us

Ségolène Neuville

Secretary of state dedicated to persons with disabilities and the fight against exclusion

What needs to be taken into account is not the disability, but the dreams, the passions, the will.

Anne Balthazar

President of the AGEFIPH (Fund Management Organization for the Professional Integration of People with Disabilities)

The Abilympics help showcasing persons with disabilities who are successful in their job and who excel in their trade. We want to support this positive message as well and help spread it so that the professional world becomes more welcoming to persons with disabilities in all kinds of professions and in all business sectors.

Patrick Errard

President of the French Pharmaceutical Companies Association (LEEM)

We participate in the Abilympics through our partner association, HANDIEM, which deals with the integration and the support necessary for the integration objective of persons with disabilities in our sector is lasting and always ambitious. We are proud to stand along the Abilympics; as a major player in the healthcare sector, there is logic and sense in our partnership with the association.

Crédit Agricole et HECA

For several years, the Crédit Agricole has been committing to the employment of persons with disabilities and has created in 2006 the HECA association (Disability and Employment in the Crédit Agricole). Its conviction: giving the same chance to all skills. This commitment translates into a proactive HR policy which aims at fighting all stereotypes on disability all the while providing a set of tools for the recruitment, the inclusion and the job retention of persons with disabilities.