The International Abilympics – The French team

Much more than a contest

2 international skills competitions: WorldSkills and Abilympics

On an international level, much like sports, there are two coexisting skills competitions: WorldSkills for young people (more info at and the Abilympics for persons with disabilities.

Organized every 4 years in a different country, the International Abilympics are the largest skills competition for persons with disabilities.

The International Abilympics competitions take place every four years, after the two national WorldSkills national selections.

For every edition, Abilympics France builds its French team to compete in this wonderful adventure:

The Abilympics, a unique personal and professional experience

Much more than a competition, the Abilympics are a unique moment, which any former participant mentions as a one-of-a-kind adventure on both the personal and professional levels. The competition represents a chapter that opens on an unexpected future and which never closes…


A French specificity due to our history and our inclusive legislation: contestants with disabilities are fully integrated into regional and national skills competitions. They compete under the same conditions, in the same categories and are evaluated with the same evaluation system as any other contestant in order to build the French team that represent our country in the WorldSkills and Abilympics international competitions.

The selection process: the regular and alternative routes

1/The WorldSkills competitions:

Every two years, regional selections for the WorldSkills competitions take place in every region of France. All qualified Abilympics contestants (most of them Gold medal recipients) compete in the WorldSkills national finals which take place in one specific region.

The Abilympics Gold medal recipients of the last two WorldSkills national competitions are preselected to be part of the Abilympics French team (provided that their trade is represented amongst the skill categories in the international competition).

Visions on… The 9th International Abilympics, Bordeaux, March 25th/26th 2016

The 9th International Abilympics were organized in Bordeaux, France, on March 25th and 26th, 2016. 465 contestants from 31 international delegations competed against one another in 49 very diverse skill categories (bakery, mechanics, jewelry, computer science…). They challenged their professional skills with a common goal in mind: The Gold medal. Relive through the event at